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Moni Toys Walking toy Mr.Clown Yellow

Manufacturer: Moni Toys
Article №: A2018-1
age: 0m+


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The toy is suitable for children up to 1 year old who can not walk alone. The toy has the following buttons and tips:

  • Ball rotating 360 degrees;
  • Sliding butterfly;
  • Illuminated button for various modes located at the lion's nose: Mode 1: notes; Mode 2: musical instruments; Mode 3: beautiful melodies;
  • Animal playing pages;
  • Swivel 360 degree soundtrack;
  • Music buttons;
  • Bip - Beep button;
  • 3 colored rings.
  • On / Off button to turn on / off music effects.

The toy can be pushed or riding, as the child can play with it and sitting.

При поръчка над 80 лв. доставката е БЕЗПЛАТНА. 

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Walking toy Mr.Clown Yellow

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Delivery to Europe from € 30 up, depending on the country.

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