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Car seat i-SIZE 40-150 cm

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i-Size, or Directive R129, is legislation relating to car seats that has been in force since 2013 and uses new crash tests, including a new method of side impact testing. Instead of using the child's weight to determine the appropriate chair, as in the older ECE R44 standard, i-Size chairs are based on the child's height to determine their correct size. 

The i-Size car seats come in three sizes, each with an approximate equivalent of those based on weight:

40-105 cm (approximately groups 0 + / 1 - 0-18 kg - from newborn to 4 years) - looking back until the child is at least 76 cm, then looking forward.
76-105 cm (approximately group 1 - 9-18 kg - from 15 months to 4 years) - forward-facing chair.
100-150 cm (approximately groups 2/3 - 15-36 kg - from 3 to 12 years) - forward looking chair.


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